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My name is Savannah and I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was in middle school. I thought it was a normal feeling, and it wasn’t until I took an introductory psychology class in college that I realized my feelings had a name — anxiety. I started seeing a counselor on campus who not only guided me to receiving an official diagnosis, but helped me put together a toolbox of coping mechanisms.

That one counselor in college became my spirit guide, as she helped me navigate my feelings and put a spark in my spirit that had been missing (unbeknownst to me) for some time. I learned how to be my own spirit guide and champion for my own mental health, and now I’m training to become a life coach to help others do the same.

My purpose with this site is to be a spirit guide for others. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, mental illness, or just having a rough time, the tips and information you find here are a source of hope when things just aren’t going right.

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